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  1. Fill in an application form. You have better prospects to be chosen by the family more quickly when you positively answer as much questions as possible.
  2. Letter in English addressed to an English family "Dear Family". You introduce yourself to the family by this letter. Write something about yourself, about your family and their occupations, about your education and what you did after finishing your studies, also about your hobbies and skills and experience with children, about your relationship to them, what do you want to do with them and about your relationship to animals. Write what kind of sports do you do. Also they may like to know why you have decided to stay with the family as an au-pair and what are your future plans. The letter should be legible, written by hand and in black ink. It does not have to be long, however, to the point.
  3. Medical report about your good health condition. Filled in by your local doctor.
  4. At least 2 references - testimonials concerning your experience with taking care of children. These can be provided by your teacher, employer or by somebody whose children were in your care. This person should not be your relative. The letters describe your personality and level of your English. They should involve when you took care of children, children´s age and what you did with them. The name,the address and the telephone number of the person who provided the reference must be given.
  5. 1 photograph of your face with a smile (the way of delivery is arbitrary, also in a digital form).
  6. At least 2 photographs of your figure. The best would be private photographs with children or with the family. Pick up smiling photographs. Families want lively and smiling au-pairs.
  7. Driving Licence. If you are a holder of a driving licence, ask for issuing EU driving licence and bring us its photocopy.
  8. School report, or any certificate regarding the study of foreign language. It could be a school report from secondary or primary school. If you took a school-leaving exam in English language we would need your school-leaving certificate. Also it may be a certificate of an attending foreign language course.
  9. Photocopy of the reverse side of your passport/ID card.

Bring all the documents to our agency or send them to us, you may contact us on our mobile or home phone numbers or via e-mail, fax, post or personally in our office.

Please be careful about the layout of your documets as it says a lot about your personality. Fill in the documents by capital letters and in black ink. All documents need to be in English or the original texts need to be accompanied by their English translations.