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Work positions in the hotel lobby:

  1. RECEPTIONIST/FRONT DESK COORDINATOR - is responsible for greeting the visitors. Part of her duties is also to answer the visitors´ inquiries, directing visitors to their rooms, answering incoming calls on multiline telephones or switchboard, filling in, keeping records, keyboarding data entry. She may also receive the payments.
  2. HALL PORTER - guards an entrance to a hotel.
  3. PORTER - is responsible for carrying guests´ baggage in the hotel.
  4. NIGHT PORTER - a porter on duty during the night. Also may perform certain duties assigned to a receptionist.

Waiting staff work positions:

  1. WAITER/WAITRESS (in general) - an individual who prepares tables for meals, provides visitors with the menu, receives orders and serves meals and/or drinks to customers, he may as well collect payments.
  2. MAITRE D´ HÔTEL - welcomes the visitors, provides them with menu and helps them to choose food and drinks. Also he sees the visitors out when leaving.
  3. CHEF DE RANG - takes care of a certain number of tables. He receives the orders from the guests in his area and passes the orders to a commis waiter. He is always present in the dining room, he transfers the food from tray to dish, seasons the food when neccesary and offers it to guests.
  4. COMMIS DE RANG - brings the ordered food to a sideboard and takes away used dishes.
  5. CHEF SOMMELIER - receives the orders for drinks and then offers the ordered drinks to the guests.
  6. BUFFETIER - offers cold hors d´oeuvers and the buffet items.
  7. CASHIER - prepares bills for the ordered food.
  8. TRANCHEUR - carves meat, fish and poultry on the sideboard, transfers them to a dish with appropriate trimmings and offers them to the guests.

Bar staff work positions:

  1. BARTENDER/BARMAN - fills drink orders taken directly from customers or from a waiting staff of the establishment. He prepares mixed drinks, serves bottled or draught beer, and pours wine or other beverages. He also stocks and prepares garnishes for drinks and keeps the bar area clean for customers. He also may collect payments, operate the cash register, wash glassware and utensils, and serve food to customers seated at the bar.

Kitchen work positions:

  1. CHEF/COOK (in general) - an individual who cooks professionally.
  3. EXECUTIVE CHEF - is in charge of everything related to the kitchen, including menu creation, personnel management and business aspects.
  4. CHEF DE CUISINE - hierarchically is either equivalent to an Executive Chef or to a Sous Chef , who is under the command of an Executive Sous Chef. It depends on the hierarchical setup of the particular establishment.
  5. SOUS CHEF - is directly under the command of an Executive Chef. He is responsible for menu planning, costing and ordering. Larger establishments have usually more than one Sous Chef, with each having his own area of responsibility.
  6. EXPEDIER - generally done by a Sous Chef. He is reponsible for coordination of food preparation and servicing of customers. He provides that customers in the dining room have their food prepared simultaneously.
  7. CHEF DE PARTIE OR STATION CHEF/LINE COOK - is responsible for a particular department of food preparation. In a large kitchen every Chef De Partie has several cooks or assistants. However, mostly he is the only worker of that particular department.
  8. SAUCE CHEF OR SAUCIER - prepares sauces, stews, sautes food and hors d´oeuvres.
  9. FISH COOK OR POISSONIER - prepares fish dishes.
  10. VEGETABLE COOK/ ENTREMETIER - prepares vegetables, soups, starches and eggs. Large kitchen may also divide these responsibilities among various cooks.
  11. ROAST COOK OR ROSTISSEUR - prepares roasted and braised meats and their garvies and broils meat.
  12. THE PANTRY CHEF OR GARDE MANAGER - is responsible for preparation of cold food, including salads, dressings, pâtés, cold hors d´oeuvres and buffet items.
  13. PASTRY CHEF OR PÂTISSIER - prepares pastries and desserts.
  14. THE RELIEF COOK, SWING COOK/TOURNANT - may replace any chef responsible for a particular department.
  15. COOKS AND ASSISTANTS - in larger kitchens every Station Chef has cooks and assistants who help him with the food preparation within a particular department.
  16. KITCHEN PORTER - washes the dishes and glassware, peels vegetables, is responsible for keeping the kitchen and kitchen devices clean and tidy, etc.

Work positions in the housekeeping department:

  1. HOUSEKEEPER - takes care of the cleanliness. Is responsible for tidying of assigned rooms as well as maintenance of the tidiness of other hotel premises, as corridors, halls, terraces, lavatories etc. Very often this working position includes family houses cleanings.
  2. CHAMBERMAID - is responsible for cleaning of assigned rooms.
  3. ROOM ATTENDANT - similarly to a chambermaid, a room attendant is responsible for cleaning of the rooms that are assigned to her/him. Part of her/his duties is also a room service.
  4. CLEANER - is responsible for cleanliness of the premises of the establishment or a firm except the rooms.
  5. CHARWOMAN - similarly to a cleaner is responsible for the cleanliness of premises except rooms.