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  1. Complete a curriculum vitae. The more complete your CV is, the better chance for a quick placement you will have.
  2. Fill in the application form of the Timea agency.
  3. At least 1 reference, i.e. the letter of recommendation concerning your experience within the sector written by your previous or current employer. This reference, eventually references say more about your skills and abilities, respectively about the level of your English. This reference should comprise when you worked for the establishment, what were your duties there and what was your attitude to work and how was the employer satisfied with the work you have done. You have to state the name, address and telephone number of the person, who provided you with the reference. The reference must also contain a stamp and a signature of person that provided the reference and it should be written on the company´s headed notepaper of your previous or current employer. In the case the person that provides you with the reference does not speak English, it is necessary to write it in Slovak language and translate it into English. This kind of translation does not have to be legally authorized, our translators can provide you with the reference translation for a certain fee.
  4. 1 photograph of the client´s face with a smile (arbitrary way of delivery, also in a digital form).
  5. Fill in the statutory declaration for TIMEA Agency which acquaints the clients with conditions of work mediation by TIMEA Agency. By filling in this declaration the client confirms the data veracity, which were provided to the agency. The client becomes also aware of what the agency is responsible for, what is the agency commitment to the client, and what the agency can not take responsibility for. By signing the statutory declaration the client expresses his/her agreement with the conditions stated.

Bring all the documents to our agency or send them to us, you may contact us on our mobile or landline phone numbers , potentionally via e-mail, fax, post or personally in our office.

Please be careful about the layout of your documets as it says a lot about your personality. Fill in the documents by capital letters and by black ink. All documents need to be in English or the original texts need to be accompanied by their English translations.