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We can provide you with basic information concerning your requirements related to:

  1. processing of your curriculum vitae and other documents requested by the foreign employer
  2. assistance in filling in various forms/questionaires in English language
  3. selecting the most convenient job offer in accordance with your individual requirements, councelling concerning the contracts of employment, overtimes, notice period, trial period, benefits, holiday payments, etc.
  4. providing information on vacancies within the hospitality and catering sector as well as information on opportunities and conditions of seeking for a job in similar sectors in the UK
  5. information and councelling services concerning the selection of the work position within the hospitality and catering sector, types of occupations and requirements for certain job positions, advise on the change of the employment, including information on health and qualification requirements for certain job positions in the UK
  6. arranging your journey, i.e. finding out and booking and issuing the most convenient air-tickets to your destination - we cooperate with various air lines throughout the world as well as with low-cost air lines and thanks to the on-line connection we are able to book flights and issue air-tickets
  7. finding out and recommending bus and train connections from the airport to the address of your placement in the UK
  8. providing information about advantages of commercial health insurance with regards to expenses of medical treatment, luggage, insurance against accidents, etc.
  9. informing our clients about the lifestyle in the Great Britain and cultural peculiarities of the country
  10. informing about your rights and duties with relation to Slovak offices and insurance companies before leaving to the Great Britain
  11. informing about the Worker Registration Scheme programme, e.i. programme of registration for workers when starting a job in the UK
  12. assistance in claiming income tax refund after finishing the period of employment abroad and about your rights and duties as an applicant

You can find the prices for this services in pricelist of counselling services.