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We offer a wide range of job vacancies in the UK. TIMEA AGENCY focuses on arranging au-pair stays and mediating jobs within the catering and hospitality sector, all our applicant with at least intermediate English have a chance to become employed under very beneficial working conditions.

Our agency always strives to look for solutions with regards to our clients´ individual demands and our quality assistance services connected with the process of work mediation and stay arranging are quaranteed to every client.

Slovak citizens have to apply neither for a visa nor for a work permit in the UK since 1 May 2004 and since 29 May 2003 TIMEA Agency has been a holder of a licence from The Head Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Bratislava for abroad job mediation/provision no. 575 and it was renewed on the 5th May 2005, 4307/2005.

Since then our agency has placed many of our applicants who were keen on working abroad and were interested in gaining knowledge and new experiences within another culture and lifestyle and in improving their English. The team of TIMEA AGENCY manages to respond quickly and efficiently in the sphere of human sources within the labour market.

Since the beginning of the business of TIMEA AGENCY we strive for the feedback. We understand our clients have many questions when they are travelling to a foreign country for the first time and for a longer period. Therefore we devote our clients enough time in order to prepare them for travel and stay, we carefully inform clients about their opportunities, possible problems and how to solve them. We are in touch with our clients and they know they can rely on us. Their opinions and comments show us the way how to effectively improve our business and services.

If you are interested in working in the UK, register free with us by filling either the forms necessary for arranging au-pair stays in the UK or forms necessary for work mediation in the UK. Your file will be available (in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.: 428/2002) for our partners in the UK. You can register personally, however, it is necessary to agree on the meeting in advance, therefore, please contact us by phone, e-mail, post or fax.

After a successful registration you will be kept informed of up-to-date job vacancies and in case you are interested, you will be interviewed by your prospective employer. If the interview works out well, you will soon sign an employment agreement or receive an invitation letter which will contain all the details with regards to your future job.

Well, if you are looking for a job in the UK, welcome once again in TIMEA AGENCY. Do not hesitate and use this unique opportunity! Register immediately!